Cottage Style Bedroom Furniture: How Does the Style Look Like?

by Rebecca S.

Cottage style bedroom furniture has been popular in many homes over the ages because of its rustic appeal and its shabby chic look. When you think cottage style, imagine it in your head – and chances are you will see little rooms filled with exquisitely quaint furniture, pots of bright flowers, and tiered curtains hanging on the windows. Quaint and elegant go hand in hand when it comes to cottage style furniture and one should think about how to go about making the rooms in the house look cottage style if they want a vintage look to their décor. There is a lot that you can do when it comes to the cottage style. For one, you can paint the furniture in different colors and people will not really find it awkward. For example, blue painted furniture can look really good, as can yellows and pinks. The upholstery is then matched to the paint scheme. The walls of a cottage styled room are generally painted in neutral colors so that it is easier to match the various colors of the furniture and upholstery to it. Cottage style bedroom furniture is all the more popular because of the appealing vibe it gives the room.

Ideas for cottage style bedroom furniture

When you think about cottage style bedroom furniture, be assured that it will look great even if your bedroom is a small one. Cottage styles are very cozy themes and go well where the rooms are small. Choose low lying and quaint furniture so that the theme looks vintage and extremely authentic. Cottage style furniture does not necessarily use only wood as material. Wicker and cane are very important and popular choices of material for furniture that is suitable for this style and purpose. There are many different cottage styles of furniture that you could imitate, especially for the bedroom, to infuse a romantic look into the home. For the bedroom, choose box beds, four posters, low stools, bed ends and armoires for the room. The four poster does not have to be towering or tall, you can have squat posts. More fun if you decide to paint the wood in white or any other color and then coordinate beautiful white lace curtains with it. Floral motifs are also extremely appropriate for cottage styles and should be incorporated for sure. You can even buy cottage bedroom furniture sets for your home.

Cottage Style Bedroom Furniture Sets

Where to buy cottage style bedroom furniture

Cottage style bedroom furniture is easily available.  You can shop from online stores if you want, because that is possibly where you will get the best available deals and discounts. However, online stores might not come with a guarantee, given that different sellers will be peddling their wares on it. However, if you can buy from trusted sites you will be able to get grand deals. You can also make your own cottage style furniture for the bedroom – all you will need to do is to get an idea of what kind of furniture you want and then all you will need to do is to get  a carpenter to replicate those styles. Cottage style furniture also involves buying furniture with storage space so you could think about getting a box bed or even a bunk bed if you do not have much space in the bedroom. Soft cushions and mattresses and floral style motifs, upholstery in bright colors and can or rattan as possible alternatives to the material used will be perfect for this vintage style. White cottage style bedroom furniture is very popular and can be used in various contrasts with different colored upholsteries.

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