How To Make Maximum Use Of A Weight Bench

by Rebecca S.

Weight benches are fantastic inventions for enhancing and toning the abs, upper arms, thighs, and chest. A majority of banc de musculation are designed with upright racks at each end capable of supporting weights and barbells. The bench’s user has the option of either sitting or lying on it. The legs dangle off on one side, and barbells are lifted with the arms. Weight benches are divided into two or more sections that can be adjusted or set to varying angles during a workout session. This variable setting mode allows the bench to be utilized at different intensities and positions. Let’s focus on how to make maximum use of a weight bench.

How to use your weight bench

The four primary types of weight benches include preacher curls, barbells, Olympic weight benches, and ab weight benches. As noted in the names, each of these benches has a different purpose.

a. Ab benches

Ab benches are great as surfaces for ab-intensive workouts like curl-ups. This bench can be utilized in a declining or horizontal position. Many of them incorporate foot grips at each end that can be adjusted for maximum impact on different abdomen areas.

b. Dumbell weight benches

Dumbbell weight benches make efficient use of dumbbells instead of barbells. Notably, the barbell racks are missing. Therefore, this type of bench is usually a simple flattened bench. The upper halves of the bench are adjustable to allow variation in the exercises. More advanced versions of this bench often include preacher curl extensions as well as leg presses.

Weightlifters who are fans of weight benches will find Olympic weight benches to be of most use. Coincidentally, this is the most popular type of bench.

Note that a majority of the best weight benches incorporate a lever attachment for exercising the legs. It can pivot down or up and includes good foam rollers designed to cushion users’ legs as they rest on the rollers.

Develop stronger legs

First, it is advisable to warm up by doing at least 10 minutes of cardio, such as jumping rope or jogging. This improves blood circulation around the body, readying it for serious strength training.

After essential cardio, you can also do leg extensions while in a sitting position, which is upright. Your knees should be at the edge while your legs form at the 90-degree angle. The lower shins should be placed below the bottom rollers included on the lever.

It is vital not to rest rollers on the ankle joints. Make sure your legs are extended to enable you to lift the weight by contracting the quadriceps during an exhalation. Hold the breath for a moment, then slowly raise your legs at the knees until your posture is back at the starting position.

You can also actively do hamstring curls by lying on your stomach on the weight bench. Your knees should ideally be below the bench’s edge while the backs of your legs are below the higher placed lever pads. Repeat the steps above to raise the lever and lower it. It is essential to select appropriate weights to do 8 to 12 reps in perfect form.


Weight benches come in a wide variety. But, they all do the same thing: enable you to adjust the position to decrease or increase the back’s angle. Thus, anytime you’re planning to buy a weight bench, your taste and preference should be your main goal.

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