How to shop for bathroom vanities

by Rebecca S.
bathroom vanities

When it comes to relaxation especially after a long busy day, the bathroom becomes the first ideal spot. But for it to be the ideal spot, you must turn it into a wonderful space.

Installing modern-day bathrooms vanities will do trick since it will give your bathroom that majestic touch.

Given the numerous designs present in the market, it can be extremely hard to find the perfect one that’s ideal for your needs. But worry not, below are some things to reflect on when you set out to shop for bathroom vanities.

Bathroom Theme

What is the theme set for your bathroom? That is the question you ought to ask before purchasing bathroom vanities. They come in different designs and it is important to ensure that the design matches comfortably with your bathroom theme.

Vanities with dark shades are best suited for bathroom themes that have light or bright color shades. All white vanities are perfect for an all-white theme.

If you are unsure do in-depth online research or ask around from interior design experts for tips. The aim is to find the best vanity that will be in harmony with your bathroom theme style. Additionally, while doing your research also lookout for the best prices that suit your budget.

Bathroom Space

It’s quite vital to figure out the space of your bathroom beforehand. Try taking measurements of the walls, flooring, and doors from every angle. Doing that will give you an idea of what kind of vanity to incorporate and how to do it.

The size of your bathroom will determine the type and size of bathroom vanity to shop for. For instance, if you have a small-sized bathroom, the best vanity to go for is a single free-standing or floating vanity with ample storage space as they use up less space. With a big sized bathroom, you have the option of installing several such vanities at different places to maximize the large space.

Storage Capacity

Bathroom vanities come in different designs. Some have large storage capacity while others have a small storage capacity. The former is much ideal since it allows you to store your bathroom items without the need to clamp them up in small spaces. What’s more one with 3 or 4 sliding drawers or shelf is the best as you will be able to store more items on it. Extra storage capacity in the bathroom always comes in handy especially if you are sharing it with many people.

Countertop Materials

When it comes to choosing countertop materials for your bathroom vanity, consider durable and catchy styles. They bring balance and life to your bathroom space especially if they combine well with your overall bathroom theme.

Some common countertop materials include marble, timber, granite, acrylic resin, ceramic tiles, Corian and so forth. For the vintage theme, a timber countertop is the best option. When choosing the ideal one, you ought to consider, theme, compatibility, and durability.

That way you won’t end up being in a situation where you buy something that doesn’t meet your standards. Also, ensure that the countertop material you decide to go for is one that you can comfortably maintain.

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